Explore - Design - Assign

Visualized product design dashboard adapted to connected device specifications for effective product planning and collaboration between distributed teams and heterogeneous environments.

Hardware Engine

Reveal - Match - Optimize

The Hardware Engine presents the right hardware solutions to fit your product concept using an algorithm incorporating technical specifications, design limitations and optimized hardware combinations.


Predict - Inquire - Select

Leverage the Hardware Costing Engine to predict the cost of going smart, finalize Bill of Materials (BOM) and optimize business planning. Make informed decisions and empower your negotiations with third parties.

Design your hardware and connectivity layer

Ideate, assign hardware, add functional requirements and plan connectivity to complete your smart product design on a collaborative dashboard. Enhance collaboration between business, development and production teams.

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Match hardware solutions to your product concept

Seebo offers a visualized IoT product planning environment to ideate, explore and validate use cases, assign IoT hardware on a 3D product model, identify and match the right hardware solutions to fit your unique product concept. Share product concepts with stakeholders, engage and source third parties via our marketplaces.

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Democratizing IoT through real-time business insight

Predict the costs of going smart and unlock hardware prices in real-time to start business planning and empower your negotiations with third parties. Make informed decisions about bill of materials (BOM), sourcing, production and product design.

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Join the IoT revolution - make your product smart

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