Find out why all these great companies have chosen Seebo as their smart product platform

From Idea to Mass Market

Seebo allows you to centralize the smart product planning, development, production, and post-launch management through tools, technologies and IoT experts, a winning combination to ensure the success of your new smart connected product

Speed to Market

Prototype into millions of units in the market in a heartbeat, with tools for quick iterations

Lower Costs

Seebo’s cost optimization tools reduce development, maintenance and electronics manufacturing costs

Secured Connectivity

Eliminate risk and benefit a secured multi layer approach

The easiest way to go smart

Bringing manufacturers closer to the Internet of Things

Ideate, design and prototype smart connected products through a visualized IoT creator, leverage IoT planning tools and automated hardware discovery engine.

Empowering developers to rapidly tap into IoT development

Build IoT applications without adding new skills or tools and right from your home environment. Join our active developer marketplace.

Make your customers fall in love with your product

The new smart Cabbage Patch Kids doll “Baby SoReal” connected to a mobile app and activated through smart IoT sensors, planned and developed via the Seebo IoT platform, unveiled at the New York Toy Fair, 2016

What Our Customers are Saying about Seebo

Jeremy Padawer

Co-President / Partner

“The new Smart Cabbage Patch Doll is a great addition to our brand that, thanks to Seebo, will make a comeback, delight our consumers and create something that is undeniably wonderful. This will be one of the most significant new toy introductions for 2016. The buyers are enthusiastic and ready for a game-changer in this aisle thanks to the IoT technology and interaction with the application at its core. We expect it to more than double our revenue this year!”

Guy Orr

Director of Product Innovation

“We have already developed a few lines of connected toys with the Seebo IoT platform and are about to launch our next big thing soon. On top of ideation, automation and process management tools, we really valued the analytics and insight. We used the data to find every character that kids played with for 90-minute sessions or longer, three or more times per week, and upgraded its presence in both the physical toy and smart application to extend kids engagement with the product. The Seebo platform allowed us to seamlessly and remotely update the operating system and functionality with no interference to the end user. It’s IoT product Platform at its best!”

Any Industry

The Seebo IoT Platform has been proven to support IoT products across multiple verticals

Autodesk is investing in Seebo to advance IoT technology. Read More

Get a Competitive Edge

Your customers have fundamentally changed and are looking for more digital capabilities. Your products must adapt. With Seebo your ability to join the world of the Internet of Things has never been easier


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